Simple Launcher Manual

Home Screen

Home screen is the main screen of the application and can be accessed by pressing the Home button on your device. All features and quick applications can be accessed from Home screen.

Home Screen view

Simple Launcher Home Screen

Home Screen features:

  1. WiFi - toggle WiFi by pressing this button
  2. Albums - open albums viewer
  3. Internet - access browser application on your device
  4. Contacts - open contacts viewer
  5. Camera - open camera application
  6. Navigate - open navigation application to the specified location
  7. Messaging - opens SMS or e-mail application from your device depending on your device capabilities. If your device has phone capabilities it will open SMS app, otherwise, e-mail application will be open.
  8. Applications - open list of all applications on your device
  9. Weather/Info - Local Weather, date and City information
  10. Reminder - tap to open simple reminders. Next occurring reminder is shown in this area.
  11. Search - quick access to Google search
  12. Bookmarks - list of predefined bookmarks for quick access to your favorite websites
  13. Notes - list of notes
  14. Quick application list - in this area you can quickly access five favorite applications.


You can turn WiFi connection on or off by tapping the WiFi button (area 1 in Home Screen).


You can tap the Internet button (area 3 in Home Screen) to launch the Internet browser.


Weather info for your current location is available in graphic and text. If you want to start your weather application tap inside the weather area (area 11). You can choose a temperature unit in (area 15D in Simple launcher Settings). Date and time are also displayed inside this area.


You can tap the Message button (area 7 in Home Screen) to launch a messaging application. If your device has phone capabilities it will open SMS app, otherwise, e-mail application will be open.

Default application customization

You can customize the default applications for Albums, Internet, Contacts, Camera and Messages buttons in (area 15F in Simple launcher Settings).


All your photos are organized in albums. You can use predefined photo albums, or create your own. Albums are easily accessible from Home Screen. If you connect your device to the computer, photos taken from Camera application can be found in /Simple Launcher/Albums folder.

Albums view

Simple Launcher Albums

You can open Albums view by taping Albums icon on Home Screen (area 2 in Home Screen). In albums view, you can either create new album (area 2A) or open existing album (area 2B).

Simple Launcher Album Photos

All photos in the selected albums are listed. You can tap any photo in a list (for example area 2D) to open a fullscreen view.

Simple Launcher View Photos

The selected photo is presented in fullscreen mode. Tap the send button (area 2E) to send the a photo using any application that can share photo on your tablet. Swipe to navigate through the photos. You can delete the photo by tapping the delete button (area 2F).

Simple Launcher Delete Album Dialog

Album delete dialog is displayed. You can confirm the delete or cancel the deletion.

Create Album

Create a new album by tapping New album button (area 2A in Albums view).

Simple Launcher Create Album

New album dialog is displayed and you need to provide the album name. You can confirm the create or cancel album creation.

Delete Album

Delete an album by tapping Delete album button (area 2C in Albums view).

Simple Launcher Delete Album

Album delete dialog is displayed and you can confirm the delete or cancel.

Application List

You can access all applications installed on your device.

Application List view

Simple Launcher Applications list

View all applications by tapping the marked area on the home screen (area 8 in Home Screen). You can open any application by tapping the icon. In order to open the Locked app list, you need to long tap Locked Apps icon (area 8A).

Locked Apps list

Simple Launcher Locked Applications List

Locked apps are apps that are protected because they are important for system functioning. You can open them by long pressing the marked area from the image. This action will open the list of locked apps. On this list, you can find Simple Launcher settings.


Quickly access your favorite web sites

Simple Launcher Home Screen Bookmarks

Bookmarks list

On the left side of the home screen, you can find bookmarks list(area 12 in Home Screen). By tapping on one of the items from the list you will open the bookmarked website.

Bookmarks edit

You can edit bookmarks under Simple Launcher Settings.


Add an important note to the note section on the home screen

Notes list

On the left side of the home screen you can find notes list(area 13 in Home Screen). Notes can be added and removed right from home screen.

Add note

You can add a note by tapping add button area (area 13A in Home Screen ).

Simple Launcher Add Note

When you tap on area add button area a dialog is opened and you can enter text by keyboard or you can tap the microphone icon and enter text by voice.

Remove note

You can add remove by tapping remove button area (area 13B in Home Screen ).

Simple Launcher Delete Note

When you tap on area remove button area a dialog is opened and you can confirm remove or cancel.

Quick application list

Quickly access your favorite applications

Simple Launcher Home Screen Quick application list

Quick applications list view

On the right side of the home screen, you can find quick applications list(area 14 in Home Screen). By tapping on one of the items from the list you will open the selected application.

Quick applications list edit

You can edit which applications are on this list under Simple Launcher Settings.


Taking pictures is easy with our Simple Camera application. This feature is available on devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

Simple Launcher Camera

Simple Camera view

You can open the Simple Camera view by tapping the Camera button on Home Screen (area 5 in Home Screen). There are three buttons displayed. You can toggle flash (if your device has flash) by using Button Flash (area 5A). In order to change from back to front camera or vice versa tap the swap button (area 5C). Take the picture by using the Shoot button (area 5B).

Choose Album view

After you have taken the photo, you need to choose the album where the photo will be saved.

Simple Launcher Camera Save Image

After you have taken the photo the above dialog is displayed with a list of all available albums. You can use swipe to move through the list. Tap on the desired album (area 5D) where you want to store the picture. The picture will be displayed in a list of photos in Albums View (area 2D in Albums view )


Simple device contacts list and details preview

Simple Launcher Contacts

Contacts view

All contacts are listed in area 4A, while your favorite contacts are listed in area 4B. You can open contact details by tapping on area 4C from the all contacts list or by tapping on area 4D from your favorite contact list.

You can add a new contact by tapping the Add contact button (area 4E). This action will open the device default contact add form.

Contact details

Simple Launcher Contacts details

When you open contact details (area 4F) they are displayed over the favorite contacts list (area 4B).

You can mark the contact as your favorite by tapping the favorite button (area 4G). By tapping the edit button (area 4H) you can edit contact data using the device default contact edit form. If you want to close the contact details tap the close button (area 4I).

Contact details can have a contact address, phone numbers, and emails. If your tablet has phone capabilities call (area 4J) and SMS (area 4K) buttons will appear next to contact phone number. By tapping these buttons you can start a call or send SMS to this contact with default call and SMS application. You can send emails by pressing the email button ( area 4L) next to the email address.


Simple reminders for your important tasks.

Simple Launcher Reminders

Reminders view

The calendar view is in area 10A. Today is marked with a pink circle (area 10C). Every date that has at least one reminder is marked with an orange circle (area 10D). Reminders are listed in area 10B and can be filtered by date by a click on any date in area 10A. Reminders marked with a ringing bell (area 10G) will trigger the alarm. If you want to remove a reminder tap on a trashcan (area 10F). You can add a new reminder by tapping on the button add event (area 10E).

Add reminder

Simple Launcher Add reminder

In order to select a date for a reminder tap on any date in calendar view (area 10H). The selected date is marked with an orange circle (area 10I) and is displayed in area 10J. Reminder time is set in area 10K using arrows or by using a keyboard. You can set reminder text in area 10L by using keyboard or voice input after tapping the icon. If you want to trigger an alarm for a reminder the ringing bell in area 10M should be visible. You can toggle the alarm by tapping area 10M.

Remove reminder

Simple Launcher Remove reminder

When you tap a trashcan (area 10F) a reminder delete dialog is shown. You can confirm the delete or cancel.

Simple Launcher Settings

All settings for Simple Launcher application are found here.

Settings view

Simple Launcher Settings

In Settings screen you will find different settings for Simple Launcher application.

  • 15A Location settings
  • 15D Temperature unit settings
  • 15E Weather app picker
  • 15F Home screen buttons customization
  • 15G Bookmark settings
  • 15H Add new Bookmark
  • 15I Delete Bookmark
  • 15J Quick application list settings

Location settings

If you want to use the navigation button on Home screen (area 6 in Home Screen) you need to enter an address (area 15A) to which navigation will guide the device user. With button 15B you can check if the entered address will turn on the navigation to your desired location. Using button 15C you can save location.

Weather settings

Weather settings consist of two settings. Temperature unit setting (area 15D) is used to set temperature unit on Home screen (area 9 in Home Screen) to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Simple Launcher Pick Weather Application

When you tap on Choose weather app (area 15E) a dialog is opened and you can choose the default application for the weather. This application will be opened when you tap on the weather on Home screen(area 9 in Home Screen).

Home screen buttons customization

On Home screen, there are buttons Albums (area 2 in Home Screen), Internet (area 3 in Home Screen), Contacts (area 4 in Home Screen), Camera (area 5 in Home Screen) and Messaging (area 7 in Home Screen). When you tap on any of them the default application for that button will be opened. By tapping inside Area 15F you can set the default application for Albums, Internet, Contacts, Camera and Messaging.

Simple Launcher Customize Home Screen Buttons

Application picker from the image above is opened. You can pick one of the applications from the list or you can set default behavior by tapping button Clear (area 15F1).

Bookmark settings

In the Bookmark area (area 15G) there is a list of bookmarks that can be accessed from Home Screen (area 12 in Home Screen). You can add a bookmark by tapping Add a bookmark button (area 15H). If you want to remove a bookmark tap on a trashcan icon of the bookmark (area 15I).

Simple Launcher Add Bookmark

When you tap on add a bookmark the above dialog is displayed. In area 15H1 you need to provide a display name for the bookmark. You need to provide an internet address in area 15H2. The bookmark will be created by tapping ok or you can cancel.

Quick application list settings

In order to gain fast access to applications that you use frequently, on Home screen there is a place for five applications on the Quick application list. You can set each individual application by clicking inside area 15J.

Simple Launcher Customize Quick Applications List

When you tap on area 15J a dialog is opened and you can choose the default application for that position. There are five positions available.